Location Based Chat App (Student Project)

Rumble is a geo-locational chat app, which is ideal for large conferences and sporting events. After signing in and setting the radius of your search, you are able to select a feed to chat in or create you own. The concept is based on the fact that thunder can be heard only within the radius of a certain location.

Rumble Devices
Loading Screen


Intro screen while app opens.

Login Screen


Login to the app to begin use or create a new account.

Login Screen

Select a Radius

To determine whom you will be able to chat with, select a radius of the distance you want to include.

Available Feeds Screen

Available Feeds

Based on your selected radius the available feeds are shown. If there isn't one on the subject you want, create your own!

Feed Description Screen

Feed Description

After you select a feed, you are brought to a screen providing details on what it's about.

Chat Screen

Chat Screen

Have a conversation with the other users in the feed!