Brown Dog Creative

Internship Creations

Completing a Web Design internship at Brown Dog Creative gave me the opportunity to work on and create multiple client websites including Vision is Priceless and Medcom.

Brown Dog Creative Devices
Vision Is Priceless Homepage Screen

Vision is Priceless

For Vision is Priceless, we were tasked with updating the identity of the brand as well as creating the new website. Some goals for the project were removing the “eyeball” from the logo, reduce the amount of copy, and integrate brighter colors attracting audiences of all ages and ethnicity.

Medcome Homepage Screen

Medcom Homepage

Medcom had similar website problems, where they wanted to move away from their current site which was heavy in text and running flash. The goals were to better incorporate the business’s colors, reorganize the content and structure of the website, and increase the overall engagement of the website.

Medcom Interior Screen

Medcom Interior

On their interior page, one requirement was to have a form field allowing the user to have quick access to requesting a quote.